Our show is not scripted and does not follow a predetermined format but here are some of the segments we may feature on our show at any given time.

Things That Piss Me Off: Listen in as Matias lists and discusses those things that he just can’t keep quiet about. No aspect of life is spared from this corner of complaints.

First Person Singular: Inspired by the golden age of radio, this segment is dedicated to radio drama and what it represented in the old days. The premise is simple, it follows the life of the residents of a fictional mental asylum, the Serling Memorial Hospital. Whether they are arguing in the park, putting on a play in the communal area or debating politics while dining in the cafeteria there’s always plenty happening in this radio serial.

Anecdotes of a Dirty Old Man: A resident of Hollywood’s inner circle since 1963, Ugo Bianchi has had a tumultuous acting career working opposite such figure as Jon Voight, Ben Kingsley, Benicio Del Toro one day and waiting tables in Las Vegas the next. One of the last surviving members of Frank Sinatra’s entourage, Ugo has drank himself to oblivion with the best of them. This segment is a series of real life anecdotes and first hand accounts of a very unusual life spent chasing dreams and broads in the Hollywood of another day.

Constitutionally Correct: Profiler Edward Chapelmont joins the show with this segment dedicated to politics and political history. Calling in from what he dubbed Newtopia and using a fake name due to the nature of his work, professor Chapelmont pours out on us a wealth of inside knowledge regarding the United States Constitution, the global political scene, legislature and social history without belonging to any party or subscribing to any conventional views.

Brady’s Paranormal Corner: Dr. Brady Striebling is an expert ufologist, cryptozoologist and our guide into the world of the paranormal and the unexplained. Dr. Striebling gives us his views on extraterrestrial life, Bigfoot, ghosts and presents us with a view of human prehistory intertwined with alien history and mystical events.

Shit or Shinola: KD does his segment of irreverent reviews of recent movies, televisions shows, books or electronic gadgets and will tell us whether they are shit or Shinola.

Free Dirt: A segment dedicated to the free section of, Free Dirt celebrates the spirit of giving. We talk about the items people are bestowing upon their fellow humans. There’s enough free dirt to go around for everybody but what else is there for the taking? Listen in as we call up some of these good Samaritans and talks to them. There’s a lot of junk out there but once in a while we find a true gem.

Cobra Oil: We take a look at the myriad of cure-all remedies in new-age medicine and just how little they actually cure. It is a skeptical look at the culture of spiritual healing for profit but at times we find something that may be good for you.

Things Other People Said: We end every show with a quote from someone smart enough to be quoted just so our listeners can’t say they didn’t learn anything by tuning in.

These and other segments (or none at all) are featured on our show along with regular guests like Samantha the Stripper, Bob the Workout Guy, Jimmy Saponetta, Big Blue Man and others.

There are no guarantees of what you may hear when you’re listening to that which should be kept OFF THE AIR.