Why Is Smoking Patriotic?

It’s a guest extravaganza with Matias and Cody hosting and Big Breasted Ashley from Oklahoma in studio as a guest. We talk about gas prices, corporate crime, rock stars, bus rides, smoking, courtrooms, television, working out, freedom, homeless shelters and volunteering. Ashley tells us about her experience meeting her favorite rock star. Professor Edward Chapelmont does his Constitutionally Correct segment and Samantha the Stripper calls in to offer her services and explain that penis size is not as important as wallet size in her life. Ugo talks about Current Events and not much of ti can be understood then we have a special appearance by Bob The Workout Guy who gives working out tips while smoking a cigarette. The professor explains how smoking is actually patriotic and we all talk about introducing exotic dancing and pole dancing into America’s courtrooms. It’s a show unlike any other.

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