Deadpool 2

I mean let's be real, you should know what you're getting into if you're watching DP2.  Seeing the first one is kinda must, as elements of some jokes might not make as much sense without the backstory.

That being said, the movie is incredibly standalone.  The story is rather self contained, and I feel like it might actually be leading up to something better that I had originally expected.  The minor issues I had with the first one really weren't a factor in this movie, it feels like they already found what direction to push and just how much to do it.

I was also a huge fan of the opening credits, which mimicked the James Bond style wonderfully.

I think you could honestly say this movie, outside of language, was less inappropriate than the original as well.  Worth catching if you're a fan of Superhero movies but just don't feel like watching another Avengers movie right now.