Solo: A Star Wars Story

It's half space western and half heist, but I honestly had a blast with Solo.  I hadn't anticipated enjoying it, but the whole movie, though cheesy at times, was something I enjoyed greatly.

Donald Glover as Lando 100% stole the show during his scenes, as I expected.  The guy is hilarious, and the raw charisma the character extrudes feels real.

As far as Star Wars goes, this sits in a really weird spot for me.  It's a good film, but it doesn't feel like a "Star Wars movie" like the main story arc feels like.  Personally, I'm more than ok with that, but I understand why some people wouldn't like it.

There's a scene with a crime boss, and he has a set of Mandalorian armor set up with weapons like you'd see somebody do with samurai armor, and that made me pretty happy.

Less enjoyed by me is a scene in which the Falcon flies toward total blackness.  Thalassophobia is something that just horrifies me, and the scene in question was enough to trigger that a little.  Just as a heads up kind of thing.