Dark Comedy

Murder Party

I knew I would have a blast with this, but I didn’t realize how much of a blast it’d be. If you need a good movie to laugh along with for your next Halloween party, I strongly recommend this one.

Who would go to something called a “Murder Party” that they find an invite for? Who knows man, but Christopher S. Hawley decided it was better sounding than a night in with his cat.


The Cottage


There's some times that I really enjoy horror with a comedy undertone (Dead Shack, Cabin In The Woods), but then there's times I don't like it as much.  This would be one of those examples.

There were moments where I thought this would be a serious movie, but after the first 8 minutes I kinda killed that vibe.

The movie works, but you need to walk into it knowing it's a joke film.

He Never Died

I love movies with black humor, and this movie has loads of it.

It follows the story of a mysterious man who, quite frankly, seems to be a little slow.  As it goes on though you quickly will realize why that is.

It's a fun story though.  You get a nifty idea of what it might be like for an immortal being who was stuck on earth.  They work in a lot of cool little historical stuff to connect the dude to.

I 100% advise you watch this.  There's some violence and such but it's so funny, just such a good time.


Dead Shack

I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this one.  It wasn't a movie that tried to be more than it was, it was just a fun time.  If you've watched Deathgasm or Cabin In The Woods then think of that kind of feeling when you watch this.

The dialogue between the characters (who were supposed to be like, 14), felt honestly really realistic.  I know a lot of people felt like it was too clunky, but I for sure know a lot of people who talk just like that, so it didn't bug me.

The story is about what you'd expect too, so once the movie gets going you really know what's going to happen.  Still fun though, I'd watch it again.

Dead Shack.jpg