Gran Torino

I first watched this one about 7 years ago, and watching it again it wasn’t any less hard hitting.

There’s a lot about this that reminds me of the people I interact with on a regular basis, so if we’re being honest I feel like it hit me harder this time around.

I love this movie so much, it might be one of my all time favorites



Is this the best Wolverine movie? Yes.

Is this the best X-Men movie? I would also say yes.

Old Man Logan is such a strong presence on screen, and Hugh Jackman did such a great job sending off the character. The end of the movie honestly makes me super emotional, I am in love with how strong it finished.

Dafne Keen did the best job as Laura as well, the movie would have been nothing without her.


Bad Times At The El Royale

I had a lot of hype for this movie going into it, and I was generally pleased with what I received.

While there were elements of the pacing that I wouldn’t have minded speeding up a little bit here and there, in general I liked how the story played out. The various characters perspectives going into it was a fun thing to see play out.

I was lead to believe from the previews this would be more horror themed, but I’m not mad at the movie I saw.

My Friend Dahmer

One of the last things I expected was to find a movie about Jeffery Dahmer that was good. Turns out this one was good because it’s based on a graphic novel written by one of his childhood best friends.

The acting is superb, and it’s really nice to see things that contributed to one of the more disturbing killers of modern America.

Don’t expect a slasher, this movie stops at the end of high school so you don’t see most of what Jeff does.



I don't know why I never got into Martin Scorsese movies more, cause he makes all the stuff I want in a non horror movie.  That stuff being gang violence and crime.

I finally watched Goodfellas awhile ago and it turned me toward his work.  I can't explain how much I enjoy Casino in a short post though, so I'll leave you with a quick thought.

If you like movies about the American Mob, Vegas, and Joe Pesci being an absolute psychopath, this is the movie for you.  The 3 hour run time may be a little daunting, but it's well worth watching.

The Karate Kid


I haven't watched this movie in a while, but I had managed to forget how unforgivably 80s it is.

There's so much that makes less sense now that I'm watching it in more of an open sense too.  Like how the whole Halloween shower costume scene is a wonderful piece of comedy gold, or how Daniel is actually not the greatest person.  I'm really starting to embrace the whole "Daniel is the secret villain" theory.

It's not like it's not fun though, by all means watch the movie and have fun, right?