Good lord, what a movie.  I had no clue what I was getting into, so big props to everybody involved in this movie, it was amazing.  It was produced by the same studio who was involved with The Witch if that tells you anything.

The actors and actresses all played their rolls perfectly, making a film with minimal score have a tension throughout that could be cut with a knife.  Honestly, the movie was oppressively tense the entire time, I loved it.

The movie was so beautifully shot as well.  Transition shots from day to night, integration with the model house in the beginning, it was just so good.

Take the time out of your week to see this masterpiece of film.  The trailer called it The Exorcist of my generation, and I'm willing to give it that title.  It's a film that broke some rules, and wasn't afraid to get it's hands dirty, and it worked for it so well.

Obviously though, don't be ignorant, you kinds shouldn't watch this.  I was at a midnight showing and there were kinds under the age of 10 there.  You may know you kids, but don't take them to this.