Child Actors


I was really excited to see this, and all in all I was happy with it.

The story is basically totally given away in the trailer, which if you are any good at guessing, you probably figured out.

Also for people who like guessing, the plot of the movie is laid out right off the bat in a scene showing how smart Brandon is.

The gore effects were great though, if that’s what you’re after you’re going to be really happy with the kills.

Let Me In

When I chose a movie to watch, I generally know absolutely nothing about it and have no expectations.

Starting this one, I had assumed it was a haunting movie or something based on what the Netflix cover art looked like.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this was a movie that, not only wasn't about a haunting, but that contained some solid child acting.

Worth a watch, has some terrific moments in it for sure.