Rob Zombie

House Of 1000 Corpses


As a fan of what Rob Zombie tries to do, I can understand that his movies tend to fall apart toward the end.

Everything about this movie made me think of Texas Chainsaw, which I suppose was the intention.  It made it a little weak in my opinion though, there was a lot of potential that, with this being Rob's first film, I feel missed the mark.

As with a lot of his media, Rob Zombie has a really uncomfortable sexual undertone to his movies.  I understand that's an element that horror tends to employ, but I feel Rob does it a little heavy handed.

And Doctor Satan?  Really?  Nice name dude.

Worth watching for the knowledge of having seen it, but I wouldn't see it twice.

Lords Of Salem


I really wanted to love this movie, but there's a couple things I just couldn't get past

The main story arc, what with the title cards announcing the day, really felt like The Shining.  The vibes I got from that were really solid, and it just built tension the whole time.  All in all I loved the beginning and middle.

The end was where it lost me though.  I know Rob isn't one to have happy endings in his movies, but the visuals of the end just weren't my cup of tea.  Far too many naked people for my blood.

Rob Zombie get's a bad rap about his movies, but I honestly don't think he's too bad.  Give him a chance, just not on this one.



I'd been interesting in watching this film since it came out, I just never happened to get around to it.

I'm not the biggest fan of Rob Zombie's movies, but I can acknowledge his movies do what "good horror movies are supposed to do", they make me uncomfortable.

Well as usual, Rob managed to make a movie that made me really unhappy with how his people treated each other.  The main characters interacted in a human, believable way, so watching things happen to them as the movie went on was honestly saddening.  During the opening credits there's a lot of what looked like old film footage of them being friends and generally having fun, so you got to feel attached.

Let's be real though, it's Zombie, you know it's gonna be disturbing.  With that in mind, it's not his strongest release, but the violence and kills do make it worth your time.