I was really excited to see this, and all in all I was happy with it.

The story is basically totally given away in the trailer, which if you are any good at guessing, you probably figured out.

Also for people who like guessing, the plot of the movie is laid out right off the bat in a scene showing how smart Brandon is.

The gore effects were great though, if that’s what you’re after you’re going to be really happy with the kills.

For Your Eyes Only

I'm a huge fan of James Bond.  I've seen all the movies at least once (even the George Lazenby film), and have managed to get a little bit of trivia about them whenever I can manage.

I can safely say I unironically enjoy a bad movie.  Live and Let Die for example is one of my favorite Bond movies because it's just so bad.

This one is in almost the same vein of terrible.  The faces Roger Moore makes are just pure gold, and the acting in this is second only to The Room in how bad some of it is.

And the soundtrack?  Let's just say it's not the best one the series has put out (looking at you Thunderball).  It's so much fun to watch though, I can't even be mad about it.